Committee – 50 Years

Larry Gardner – Pictures, staffing, office space for meetings, emotional support for the Chairman and the privy
Teresa Truman Orton – Flyers, mailing labels, address updates, and making life easier for the Chairman
Lynda Jones Jensen – Decorations – Tables and Other, note pads and helped in securing pens from anonymous donor
Allen Cannon – Food for Friday night and Saturday night, securing tables and chairs for Friday Night, keeping tables stocked,                                   helped find Mike Moss
Doug & Rosalee Rogers – left hand person for Allen Cannon, parking, and helped find Mike Moss
Mike Moss – provided all cooking, food & drink equipment, tables and chairs for Saturday night in addition to Stan and                                        Carmen’s, helped cook steaks and shrimp with Doug Rogers, clean up, generator for Friday Night
Mike & Cindy McGregor – all sound equipment, mixed the music provided, and microphones for talking
Stuart Spendlove – provided all lighting for Friday Night on the Tank
Carol Ann Barton Gardner – helped in establishing our agenda as to what events we were going to hold and helped Larry
Sherri Graff Anderson – helped in securing the Stan and Carmen Snow Garage and setting the dates for the Reunion
Connie McArthur Morby – helped with establishing our agenda, helped with food, and was in charge of baked potatoes.   I know she had Sherri Graff Anderson, Dorothy Wood Bates, Jan Garrick Stucki, and Susan Nelson Scott help
Larry Woodbury – helped with parking and prepped steaks for cooking
Jay Beacham  – secured all the labels and pens and took counts for each night of the classmates who attended
Susan Nelson Scott – came and helped establish the agenda and with food
Jillyn Sullivan Reber – took care of the Memorial table and each classmate who succumbed since the last reunion
Denny Drake – secured the parking lot from the Water Conservancy District if we needed it
Jim Milne – in charge of the program on Saturday Night and Coach Blake details
Doug Bringhurst – took care of the Flowers and arrangements for Classmate Funerals that passed since the last reunion, also in charge of the bank accounts we use to deposit and disburse funds from
Paul Thomas – maintains the web site to track our classmates and events that occur on a daily basis
Janet Maughn Coleman – performed a part of the program
Keith Dalton and Murray Gubler – brought old remodeled cars to the water tank
Diana Harrison Rogers – helped identify and secure the Snow Garage, was a sounding board for Chairman ideas
Raymond Yeagley – helped gather classmate data
Linda Covington Williamson – helped Jillyn gather memorial data
For those who helped that I may not have been aware of I’m sorry that I left you off but be well aware that your efforts were appreciated.  I’m over 65 now and the brain is not what it used to be.