Thanks to Teresa Truman Orton for sending the following class pictures to us.

Mr. Graff’s 5th Grade Class – East Elementary

Fifth Grade Class Pic - Mr Graf East Elem

Mrs. Jolley’s 1st Grade – West Elementary

First Grade Class Pic - Mrs Jolley West Elem

Mr. Atkin’s 4th Grade Class – East Elementary

Fourth Grade Class Pic - Mr Atkin East Elem

Mrs. Well’s 2nd Grade Class – West Elementary

Second Grade Class Pic - Mrs Wells West Elem

Mr. Sullivan’s 6th Grade Class – East Elementary

Sixth Grade Class Pic - Mr Sullivan East Elem

Mrs. Limb’s 3rd Grade Class – West Elementary

Third Grade Class Pic - Limb West Elem


This is a picture of the West Elementary 5th/6th Grade class of Mr. Iverson.

Thanks to Roseanne Stevens Crews for the picture.

Crews - West Elementary 5th-6thThanks to David Dunton for the following picture of one of our 6th Grade Classes
Thanks to David Dunton for this picture of one of our 6th Grade Classes

This is Mr Dewey’s  6th Grade Class in the old elementary annex

Back Row:  Ken Worthlin, Trent Petersen, Jamie Bradbury, Kelly Booth, Verlene Blake, David Dunton, Mr. Dewey, Pauline Gull, Steve Snow, Diana Barton, Marlin Harmon, Kathleen Burgess, Glade Hatch, John Snow

Middle Row: Merrill Riggs, Kristine Motter, Gay Sturtzenegger, Maddlyn Tillis, Nyla Jean Bundy, Susan Aldredge, Carol Ann Barton, Linda Hunt, Jackson Rockwell Montgomery

Front Row: Ronnie Seegmiller, Sid Schmutz, Don Winmill, Ronald Taylor,  Charles Pitchforth, Keith Wardle. Steven Duke was in the class but we’re not sure which one he is.

Here are some pictures from high school.  They look like they are all from our Senior year.  Thanks to Charles Lang for sending them to us.

(Thanks for Rod Christensen and Stefinee Esplin Pinnegar for helping to identify some of the people)

This is a picture of Linda Wonnacott Hall (I think)
We aren’t sure who this is. Is it Jillyn Sullivan Wells? Maybe you recognize the cars!!
Here is Gary Hall in the lab (anybody know which lab it is?)
This is Brother Ortho Christensen (Rod’s dad), one of our Seminary teachers in 9th Grade.
This is Rodney Christensen. (Who is the person who has his back to us?)
Here is Merton Lovell. Can anyone see his “red” socks!!
Mr. Fawson, our type teacher (eyes on copy!!) Jay Beacham is on Mr. Fawson’s right side. Anybody know who the girl is?
Our wonderful “Pepper Palace” ladies. The only name I can remember is “Ada”. She is the tall lady wiith the glasses on the left.
Here is Charles Lang. What class were you in when this was taken, Charles?

East Elementary Afternoon Kindergarten – Norma Meservy


Names for Mrs. Meservy’s afternoon kindergarten:
Front Row, L-R:  LeRoy Hughes, Kerry Larson, Doug Rogers, David Dutton, Tom Seegmiller, Paul Eardley, Wayne Knight, Steven Wittwer
Second Row, L-R: Paula Thompson, Karen Sawyer, Brenda Graff, Kathy Gubler, Stephanie Esplin, Kristine Motter, Shirley Ann Orton, Sidney Schmutz
Back Row, L-R: Linda Covington, _____________?, _____________?, EmmaLea Laub, Lynda Jones, Verlane Blake, Jillyn Sullivan, Mike Beacham, Gilbert Jennings, ___________?, Mrs. Meservy (teacher)

(If anyone can help with the names that are missing, please let Paul Thomas know)

East Elementary Play - Santa's Toy Sop - 1958
East Elementary Play – Santa’s Toy Shop – 1958
East Elementary 2nd Grade (Mrs. Wilson) & 5th Grade (Mr. Hughes)
East Elementary 2nd Grade (Mrs. Wilson) & 5th Grade (Mr. Hughes)
East Elementary 6th Grade - Burt Sullivan
East Elementary 6th Grade – Burt Sullivan


East Elementary Kindergarten Class in 1955-1956


East Elementary 2nd Grade Class – 57-58


East Elementary 3rd Grade Class – 58-59


East Elementary 4th Grade Class – 59-60


Here is Mr. Ken Cannon’s sixth grade class.  See if you can tell who is who.  Thanks for Larry Woodbury for sending the picture.


If you would like to have some fun try and figure out who each of the people are in this picture from the West Elementary Sixth Grade Class of 1961-1962.  The answers are in the “class members” tab of the website and you click on “Kerry Bate” and you will see the answers.  Have fun!! (Thanks to Kerry Bate for sending the picture)