Sharman Sommerfrucht Coombs

Curtis “Curt” Stone Coombs

May 11, 1946 – October 24, 2013
Curtis Stone Coombs (Former Captain-USAF), died suddenly on October 24, 2013 at age 67. He is survived by his beloved wife of 45 years Sharman, his brother Neale, 5 children, Brandon, Jeremy, Aubri, Ryan, and Shaun, their spouses, and 11 grandchildren. His love and devotion to family was the center of his life, and his greatest joy was spending time with his loved ones. Curtis was born May 11, 1946, to Rueben and Geneal Coombs and grew up in Thatcher, ID. As a youth, he dreamt of flying aircraft and attended Air Force Officer Candidate School after college. He became a Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) aboard the F-4 Phantom II fighter plane.In July 1972, Curtis deployed to Takhli RTAB, Thailand with the 49th TFW and served in the Vietnam War. He completed 54 combat missions, and fought in Operations Linebacker I and II. He was known for his skill and calm, as exemplified during one of his combat missions, when his aircraft was locked on by an enemy Surface to Air Missile Radar. The pilot of their craft became temporarily frozen with fear. Curtis calmly suggested, “Do something, even if it’s wrong”, which they did, evading the threat. Later in life he worked in different careers, yet serving his country flying Fighter Planes, was the profession he cherished most. He was loved by those who knew him and will be greatly missed. For service information contact Valley of the Sun Funeral Home, 480-895-9232. To leave condolences visit,
His funeral will be on November 1, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. at the LDS Chapel  at 1950 W. Galveston St. in Chandler, Arizona 85524.


May 23, 2012

I thought I ought to finally send an update since we haven’t lived in Colorado for a few years now.  My address is 20755 N Santa Cruz Dr. Maricopa, Arizona 85138. Maricopa is a communtiy just southeast of Chandler, in the Phoenix area.  I still have my same cell phone number and email, the number is 719-205-0282 with the email being

I’ve been a designer with Ethan Allen over 20 years now.  I worked for 16 of those in the design center in Colorado Springs and the last almost 7 years in the Chandler Ethan Allen.  We have 5 children.  Most of them are here, two sons in Tempe and our daughter in Chandler.  I have one son who lives with us with his seven year old boy.  My oldest son lives in Indiana so we don’t get to see him and his family as often.  We have 9 grandchildren now so family is obviously a big part of my life.

I went to Dixie College in 1976 and graduated in 1977.  Curt was flying jets in the Air Force back then and had an overseas tour in Korea.  I rented a condo that year in St. George, along with my two little boys and went to school full time.  We lived in Arizona once before when Curt was in the military but we’ve  also lived in Idaho, California, New Mexico and then Colorado.  We loved Colorado and had lived there for 25 years but we also enjoy the desert lifestyle, no snow to shovel and a pool in the backyard.

I have a background in fine art and enjoy drawing and painting.  It’s a hobby that has been a little sporadic in my life.  Some years I’ve been really into it and then I’ll go for long stretches and not make time for it.  Right now I’m taking a class with one of my friends so we’re getting inspired once again.  I love to read.  I especially enjoy historical novels and anything to do with psychology.  I started out as a psych major in school but ended up in design.  I am on facebook though I have to admit I rarely post anything but I do have it on my phone and computer.  It’s always fun to see who’s on there and what’s going on in their lives.  Facebook is a great way to reconnect with old friends.  I’d love to hear from any of you and to catch up on the last 40 plus years.  If any of you are in the Phoenix area , please look me up, I’d love to hear from you.